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Do I Need a Medicare Insurance Agent Near Me

Many beneficiaries, new and old, wonder if they need a Medicare insurance agent to help them enroll in Medicare. They also wonder if they need to find a local agent. There are many benefits to working with a licensed Medicare agent, we’ll go over why you need one and if you need to find one near you.

What is a Medicare Insurance Agent

Medicare insurance agents can provide information about all your Medicare options near you. What most new beneficiaries don’t realize is working with an agent is free; also, it can save you money, time, and frustration. An agent knows different carrier guidelines, rate increases, and limitations that you won’t easily find online. A lot of carrier information is just for agents, and the general public doesn’t see all the details.

Mostly because this information would be overwhelming and hard to read, every service area has a different rule or guideline, making consistency difficult. Most people expect to pay a fee for agent services. However, working with an agent usually results in more savings.

An agent is basically a guide to health insurance for people with Medicare.

Why You Need a Medicare Agent

There are many reasons why you need a Medicare agent, below we’ll list a few of them.

  1. There are no additional fees, your premium will be the same as if you had bought the policy directly from the carrier
  2. An agent can save you money on your monthly premiums by comparing plans with all carriers vs just one carrier
  3. Agents can help keep you up to date and informed on any changes that happen annually
  4. They can help you with Medicare claims
  5. They will help you get a better price than you might be able to find on your own
  6. Can provide a non-biased opinion on all your Medicare options

Medicare is full of jargon, similar-sounding plans, deadlines, and hidden costs. If you never dealt with that before, you have a steep learning curve ahead of you. That’s where an agent comes into play.

A licensed agent can quickly and efficiently search dozens of plans from different insurers, saving you time. Many enrollees don’t realize that different companies charge different premiums for the same policy.

Agents can help you decide which level of coverage is best for you, based on your needs and budget. They do this every day. They’ll spot issues and can give you advice based on experience. When you contact a reputable agent, their services should come without any obligation to sign up.

How Do Medicare Agents Make Money?

How Does a Medicare Agent Get Paid

Medicare agents receive payments from the carrier, so there is no cost to you for their services. Using an agent allows you to get information about many companies. If you speak to an agent or broker and they have a service fee, you may want to think twice. There should never be any fees when it comes to working with a licensed Medicare agent.

How Can a Medicare Supplement Insurance Agent Help Me?

Most people turn to the internet to collect information. Many people start at; while this is an excellent source of the basics, more often it prompts even more questions than answers. You start to read about Part C, Part A, Part B, Part D, and all kinds of different enrollment periods. You read about donut holes, not the kind you eat but the kind that cost you a ton of money out of pocket for prescriptions.

After hours of trying to find out about coverage, you create more confusion than in the beginning.

Ultimately, you conclude that speaking to an expert will be the best thing for you, but who? Your neighbor likes his plan, but is it the best for you?

Benefits of Working with Medicare Agents vs. Directly with the Carrier

Unlike carrier agents receiving employment through one company, independent agents aren’t on one company’s payroll. That means they can focus on helping you get the policy that works best for YOU – no matter which company provides you the coverage.

Should I Bundle My Medicare Insurance?

Some agents work for companies that handle all kinds of insurance, like auto coverage, property, and life. Sounds convenient, right? Using the same company for all your insurance needs. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. This suggests the agent/broker knows a little bit about many subjects. Unlike most, Medicare insurance is not one you should “bundle.”

Do I Need a Medicare Agent Near Me?

All agents must have a license in the states where they sell policies. Regardless of where they live, as long as they hold a license in your state, there is no reason why you need to work with an agent that lives near you. An out of state agent will provide the same service as any local agent would if they lived near you.

There’s no reason you need to travel anywhere to see an agent, and there is no reason they would need to come to your house. (unless you want them too) It’s easier, faster, and more convenient to enroll in Medicare over the phone and/or online.

With today’s technology, you don’t need to waste your time driving down to a local office to meet with a local agent. Today, agents are licensed in multiple states to make it more convenient for beneficiaries.

Why You Should Choose MedicareFAQ

When you contact us, we’ll collect some information to see what is important to you, find out your needs and wants, and then provide all the information to help you decide what is best for you. Our agents will provide you with the fact-based information you need, which carriers fit your needs, and the coverage you want.

What You’ll Get from MedicareFAQ:

  • A more comprehensive range of plan options
  • A positive and time-effective experience that allows transparency of the plans comparative features, benefits, prices, and opportunities from different health companies
  • The ability to not only get all your information in one place but also can complete the enrollment at one time.
  • No additional charges. The plans are government regulated, so the prices are the same no matter where you enroll
  • Clear, concise and unbiased information for your options

Thousands of beneficiaries complain every year about the overwhelming amount of information. Our agents will provide you with easy-to-understand & simple education about how Medicare works.

By providing information in a more digestible way, breaking down the confusing parts, and answering your questions. Our team of agents offers excellent care, priding themselves on your satisfaction.

Many companies offer their agents bonuses when they meet specific sales goals. Therefore, agents are more likely to sell more expensive policies, even if the consumer doesn’t need it. Due to this, agents have a reputation of being all in the same, but that’s not at all true.